Volunteer commitment and community involvement will

Help Beautify the Lake Martin area.


Do not pick up any dangerous or unsafe litter!

Our volunteers are our most valued asset. As our partner, please take all the safety precautions available to you when collecting litter. Please read and adhere to the following guidelines.


Dangerous or unsafe litter includes, but is not limited to: sharp objects that can cut (broken glass, razor blades, etc.), hazardous household products, hazardous medical waste (used dressings/syringes), dead animals, condoms, and all unlabeled containers whether jars, jugs, bottles, buckets, or drums that appear to contain unidentified materials. If you encounter any dangerous or unsafe materials, mark and make a note of the location and report their existence to 63 Pride Drive.

  • Never go out alone. Partner with a buddy. It is more fun and safer.
  • Always wear your safety vest. It is a bright color and makes you more visible.
  • Always stay within earshot of your litter removal team/buddy. If you need assistance, call out for help.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and careful when working. The ground can be uneven in some areas, and you can slip. Be sure of your footing.
  • When walking in the grass and brush areas, be aware of your footing. Holes, loose material, and either fallen, storm-driven, or other debris may cause you to stumble or trip.
  • Do not overextend your reach. If the litter is not accessible with your trash picker or rake, leave it alone.
  • Never reach blindly into an area to retrieve litter. Use your trash picker or rake to identify the litter before removing it.
  • Above all, use good common sense. Do not undertake any risky actions.
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