What is 63 Pride Drive?

63 Pride Drive is a program established by Russell Lands (RL) and Lake Martin Resource Association (LMRA) that allows for volunteer public participation in controlling litter year-round on Alabama State Highway 63 South of Alexander City. Individuals, families, businesses, educational institutions, houses of worship, organizations, civic groups, and youth groups are invited to adopt a section of Highway 63 to help control litter and provide for a cleaner, healthier, and more attractive recreational environment for Lake Martin and the surrounding community.

How does it work?

  • In Phase I, Alabama State Highway 63 has been divided into 7 approximately 1-mile segments plus the area around Ourtown and the boat ramp near the Kowaliga Bridge.
  • Any interested party can request one of these segments or eligible areas for adoption.
  • The adopting party or parties will take on the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining their specific segment. Adopters can either schedule and organize specific cleanups of their area and/or regularly patrol their area and remove any trash.
  • Litter removal supplies (safety vest, trash pickers, and litter bags) will be provided by 63 Pride Drive. Litter bag drop-off locations will be determined by 63 Pride Drive and communicated to adopters.
  • If at any time an adopter determines they can no longer fulfill their responsibility, they should contact 63 Pride Drive at rgunn@russelllands.com.

How are adopters recognized?

  • 63 Pride Drive maintains an interactive map on its website. Each segment will contain the adopters’ names and other pertinent information.
  • Each adopter will receive a “63 Pride Drive” t-shirt, safety vest, trash pickers, and litter bags.
  • Adopters will be recognized at 63 Pride Drive events.

What are the benefits?

  • A cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful community
  • Personal ownership in maintaining a litter-free environment
  • Community pride and collaboration
  • Providing a great example and educational tool for the youth
  • Sustainable measures that make a real difference